Peace Comes From Within



While we journey to find out who it is we want to be we are often distracted by outside influences. Whether it’s a reality TV show, social media networks or simply the feeling of envy, these factors deter us greatly from self acceptance. I have personally struggled on this journey of self love and I feel that it was only when I realized that I was looking in the wrong places for happiness and acceptance that the solution became more clear to me. All my life I have been comparing myself to the next person. It seems that this competitive battle to be better than someone else is a main focus in our society. Sadly, though many of us feel pain comparing ourselves we don’t realize that is the toxic habit that is preventing us from a balanced state. I’ve been in competitive sports since I was a young child and I always remember focusing on ‘being better’ than my competitors. Only when I left the competitive sports behind and delved into the world of yoga did it dawn on me, that’s not the only way to think. Yoga is much more than some strange thing tree huggers do when they bend their bodies into pretzels. Yoga is a way of life, an inner focus, a self loving philosophy. I was shocked to hear my teachers saying to accept my body’s limitations and focus on myself, not anyone else. I admit, a year and a half later I still catch myself in class, comparing my neighbor’s boat pose to my own but that is the beauty of this journey. We are constantly evolving, the goal is not perfection but simply to accept our imperfections and improve a little bit each day. So when you find yourself comparing remember that you are the best version of yourself. Stay within yourself. “Peace comes from Within, do not seek without.” -Buddha



Do you find yourself struggling to stop comparing? Do you have an insight about your journey to self love? I would love to hear from you 🙂


About Peaceful Warrior

A college student trying to figure out my place in the world, while making a positive impact, with a lil yoga, puppies and peace mixed in.

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